Over the years, you can grow tired of your bathroom’s design and look for ways to add a new look. While searching on Pinterest and looking at home improvement magazines are most people’s go-to places for inspiration, hotel bathrooms can be a great way to not only see designs you may like, but to try them out as well.

Hotel guest rooms in higher-end hotels and resorts—are usually furnished with up-to-date and modern décor. In particular, the bathrooms are usually one of the most updated areas of the entire space, with modern and innovative features from Smart lighting, trendy vanity areas, and heated flooring.

In short, you can find plenty of inspiration for your bathroom remodel on your next trip out of town. Taking these ideas to a professional bathroom remodeling company such as Bath Planet Of Chicago, you can have the experts recreate your dream bathroom ideas. Today, we will look at a few different hotel bathroom design trends we’ve seen lately for you to use to spruce up your own bathroom.

Add a Tub inside the Shower Enclosure

One of the most modern design trends in hotel bathrooms that’s quickly taking over new residential renovations is installing bathtubs in shower enclosure areas. While it may seem difficult to imagine, this design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing when executed correctly. This can help to save some space and even plumbing costs if building a new shower.

Use Various Tile Types For Bold Styling

When it comes to remodeling bathrooms, most people often opt for matching tiles throughout the bathroom. However, there is a good look when mixing and matching tiles from the wall to the floor. The mixture of shapes or colors can create a great look that will bring a new look to any bathroom.

Stay On Budget With Subway Tiles

If you have stayed at a few hotels in your lifetime, you have most likely noticed the clean, minimalist look of white subway tiles. These long, white tiles provide a very clean look that can be replicated for even the smallest of budgets. When looking for tiles for your shower, consider saving some money without sacrificing looks with subway tiles.

Save Space with a Floating Vanity

Vanities are a must in any bathroom, whether it’s inside a luxury hotel room or a household bathroom. From freestanding vanities to built-in countertop varieties, the style of your vanity installation can make or break the look of your bathroom. Many hotels have installed floating vanities which add a really nice modern look to the bathrooms and can be an easy upgrade for those looking to get this look.

Opt For Brass

While brass was really popular for use in home décor decades ago, it seems to be making quite the comeback when it comes to bathrooms. Many hotels have been mixing bronze fixtures with marble countertops for a great contrast that makes a bold statement. While brass is not the cheapest fixture choice, it certainly adds an upscale look.

Premier Bathroom Remodeling In Chicago, IL

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