If you’re like many people, cleaning can take up a significant amount of your time. So, it’s always a relief to find some simple strategies that will make the job quicker and easier.

Below you will find six daily habits that only take a few minutes to complete. Although this is no substitute for a thorough clean, doing these easy tasks each day will make your job much simpler while maintaining a fresher bathroom from day to day.

Clean Trash Bin Tip

Empty your trash bin every day to help remove odor from your bathroom. Before you replace the liner, place a few folded liners in the bottom of the bin. That way you will have your replacement liners on hand the next time you take out the trash!

Daily Shower Scum Buster

Fill a spray bottle with half water and half white vinegar. Spray the shower walls after every shower to fend off soap scum. Spray the bottom of your shower liner to prevent mildew growth. If you have a glass shower door instead, apply Rain-X to the newly cleaned surface to protect against dirt and water spots.

Easy Toilet Odor Eliminator

Keep a small box of baking soda handy in one of your bathroom cabinets or drawers. Sprinkle some baking soda into the toilet bowel once a day and give it a quick go with the toilet bowl cleaning brush. Pour a cup of white vinegar into the back of your toilet twice a week for a quick clean with every flush!

Quick Sink and Counter Cleanup

Keep disinfectant wipes on hand so that you can give your counters and sink a fast cleaning. This comes in handy when dealing with soap scum, makeup, toothpaste, and haircare products. You can also swirl some water around in the sink when brushing your teeth to prevent toothpaste from sticking.

Better Bathroom Laundry Habits

If you’re like many people, you probably reuse your towels. After you shower, place your wet towels into the dryer for a few minutes then hang them back up. Wet towels don’t stay fresh for long. If you don’t have a laundry hamper in your bathroom, then get one. That way dirty cloths, towels, and wash cloths won’t pile up on the floor.

Bring Out the Broom Vac

Loose hair can clog drains and stick to almost any surface in your bathroom. Use a battery-operated broom vac to suck up hair and other bits of debris after you’re finished with your daily grooming. You could also keep a hand-held broom and dustpan inside of one of your bathroom cabinets for quick cleanups.

No amount of preventative cleaning will stand a chance against bath and shower surfaces that are cracked, chipped, or severely stained. Sometimes what you really need is a bath replacement or a shower replacement. When that’s the case, the bathroom remodelers at Bath Planet of Chicagoland offer fast and affordable solutions!