Des Moines New Shower

Did you know that a new shower can be installed in your home in as little as one day? Most homeowners are surprised by the speed with which Bath Planet of Chicago can complete a bath remodel. We don’t cut corners either. Instead, Bath Planet provides highly focused service limited to just the wet areas of the bathroom.

We can complete a shower remodel that is fast, affordable, and leaves you with a stylish shower enclosure. You will even receive the protection of a lifetime warranty on our products. Even better, our bath remodeling company can provide other kinds of renovations to the same high standards. Allow us to be your go-to team for:

New Baths

Walk-in Tubs

Bath Conversions

Whatever your needs for the bathroom enclosure, we can make them a reality in just one appointment. Find out more about our swift shower installations now!

Bring More Convenience to Your Life with a One-Day Shower Remodel

When it is time to redo the shower, our installers will make the process as smooth as possible for you. We take precise measurements for the new shower and use them in the construction of your replacement shower. This allows us to install the new enclosure in the exact footprint of the old shower, which is the secret of our one-day shower remodels.

Of course, our showers also come with added features and amenities to sweeten the deal for homeowners:

  • Cost-Effective Bath Remodels: Thanks to our laser focus on new baths and showers, we’re able to provide remodeling services at a very affordable rate.
  • Long-Lasting Acrylic Showers: We use a thicker acrylic than usual in our bathtubs and showers to promote longevity and durability.
  • Customizable Enclosure: Bath Planet fabricates all shower enclosures to order, so we can use your preferred colors, shower style, and accessories.
  • Easy to Afford Financing: We have multiple financing plans available that break up your renovation costs into easy to manage monthly payments.

Grab a Precise Price Estimate for a New Shower in Des Moines

It’s up to you whether or not to continue living with that old, outdated shower enclosure in Des Moines. If you are ready to get a new shower installed, Bath Planet of Chicago has a selection of beautiful styles at affordable prices.

Consider learning more about our remodeling services during a free consultation with an installation estimate. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to get started now.

Save $1,000 on a Bath or Shower Remodel

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