When you have guests over, one of the main rooms used by everyone in the home is the bathroom. Since most bathrooms are used daily by homeowners, they are usually decorated and organized to fit the homeowner’s routine. However, when entertaining guests, you may want to look at making your bathroom more guest-friendly for a better experience hosting friends and family in your home.

A guest-friendly bathroom is easy to accomplish when using a professional bathroom remodeling company such as Bath Planet of Chicago. The highly trained team at Bath Planet can help you plan and remodel your bathroom to make it more accessible, beautiful, and convenient for you, your household, and anyone you’re inviting into your home. Let’s take a look at a few projects you can have done to make your bathroom more guest-friendly.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion

If your bathroom is currently outfitted with a bathtub, one way to make your bathroom more guest-friendly and accessible is to convert the bathtub into a shower. A tub-to-shower conversion will take out the danger of having to step over a bath ledge while giving your bathroom an elegant new look.

Showers make it much easier to quickly bathe for guests staying overnight in your home and will not require those with limited mobility to have to bend down or sit down. Tub-to-shower conversion can also add space into a small bathroom, which is always a plus when it comes to renovating your home.

Bath or Shower Replacement

If your old shower or tub is difficult and hard to clean, a simple shower or tub replacement may be the best route for you. Remodels aren’t always about adding in new fixtures to the layout. Sometimes, just putting in a new tub can make a world of a difference to improve the look and functionality of aging bathrooms. Over time, tubs and showers can discolor, become stained with hard water buildup, and look damaged. Having them replaced with upgraded, low-maintenance materials that are engineered to last can dramatically enhance your bathroom space and increase the value of your entire home.

Improve Accessibility with a Roll-In Shower

While walk-in showers make bathing more accessible for those with limited mobility, they aren’t always ideal for people in wheelchairs. If you are needing to make your shower wheelchair accessible for household members or visiting guests, one thing you can do is convert your shower to a roll-in shower.

Most walk-in showers feature a ledge to keep water contained inside the shower, but roll-in showers are barrier-free. This allows those in wheelchairs to easily access the shower without any additional assistance. You can customize these showers to meet the needs of your guests by adding additional safety bars and lower fixtures.

A Safer Choice: Upgrade to a Walk-in Bath

If your guests are older, handicapped, or you’re simply concerned about liability when guests are visiting your home, consider the safety and luxury of a beautiful walk-in bathtub. Converting a traditional bathtub into a walk-in bathtub can be a comforting amenity for any of your guests to use—and will offer the safety and security that anyone needs to enjoy an independent bathing experience.

A walk-in bathtub has a sealing door that allows you to walk into the tub rather than having to step over a ledge. Walk-in tubs are a great way for those with limited mobility to have a safer bathing experience while keeping a fully functioning bathtub. These tubs are offered in a variety of designs to fit your specific needs and bathroom style.

Superior Bathroom Remodeling In Chicago

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